LifestyleFinally, Egypt Has Ministers that Can Speak “The Youth’s Language”

Such a proud moment for me!

This article is inspired by a post that I saw on linked in by our Minister of International Cooperation Rania A. Al-Mashat. It was a post about Ramadan and that she was wishing us all a happy one. But I was taken by surprise, to be honest. I thought to myself; “when was the last time that you ever saw anyone from the government using social media? Let alone wish us a happy Ramadan in such an informal way?”

The answer to my question was never. I don’t know maybe it’s because social media wasn’t as important as it is right now, or maybe it’s because the new cabinet has ministers that do know how to connect and interact with the people. With confidence, I know it’s the latter!

With all the initiatives that the government is hosting and all the youth support programs that the government is working on, there is nothing that compares to the fact that you feel like you can easily be heard. Our president has an Instagram account that you can actually send messages to (he’d probably be too busy to reply back) but imagine if he did! Most Ministers can be contacted via their LinkedIn accounts, Instagram accounts, Facebook, and Twitter.

I’m just thrilled to know that the government is now utilizing the right channels to connect, or even get a sense of what’s going on, with us via the right channels and learning how we talk, and what we talk about so that they can put it into consideration when they’re making their decisions.

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