BusinessEgypt is One of The First Countries to Establish Gender Equality Units at Work

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The Directorate of Manpower in Ismailia organized a symposium Tuesday under the title: “Gender Equality and Elimination of Violence”, as part of a series of workshops initiated by the Gender Equality Unit in the Directorate, at the Future Vocational Training Center.

The symposium aimed to spread the culture of safe work and how to secure the work environment, and enhance and support women’s opportunities.

Egypt is One of The First Countries to Establish Gender Equality Units at Work c town chatter

The Minister of Manpower, Mohamed Saafan, said in a message to the symposium: that Egypt, represented by the Ministry of Manpower, is one of the first countries to establish a gender equality unit and become an example to follow among the countries of the world. He noted that the first gender equality unit was established at the beginning of 2019.

The symposium also discussed the role of the gender equality unit and its objectives, besides the elimination of violence against women, and harassment at work.

Marwa Anas, Director of the Equality Unit in the Directorate, explained the International Labor Convention No. 190 of 2019 regarding the elimination of violence and harassment in the world of work, and clarified unacceptable behaviors and practices or threats associated with them, whether they occur once or repeatedly, in addition to explaining the decision of the Minister of Manpower No. 43 of the year 2021 regarding jobs in which women may be employed at night.

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