LocalTriplets and Twins Were Among the 15 Children Killed in Egypt Church Fire

At least 15 children were among the 41 people killed when a fire tore through a Coptic Christian church in Egypt on Sunday.
Ahmed MansourAugust 17, 20223 min

The Abu Sefein Church, in Giza’s working-class Imbaba district, was packed with people celebrating Mass that morning, including children and their parents. Many other children attended classes or a nursery on the first four-story building, where investigators believe the blaze started following an electrical short-circuit.

The health ministry said most of the deaths resulted from smoke inhalation and a stampede when people rushed to flee the church through a blocked exit.

Triplets and Twins Were Among the 15 Children Killed in Egypt Church Fire
Mother mourning the death of her son at the church fire in Egypt

According to relatives, church officials, a local hospital, and Egyptian news outlets, the child victims included five-year-old twin girls Mariam and Barsina Tamir Wajih and their three-year-old brother Ibrahim.

The singer Miretya Emad, Magda’s niece and Irina’s cousin mourned them in posts on her Facebook account.

The siblings died along with their mother Irina Atef Ramzi, 34, their grandmother Magda Habib Nabih, 61, and their aunt, Mirna Atef Ramzi, 25.

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