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BusinessWe Interviewed Thomas “Goodvertising” Kolster and Here’s What He Had to Say About His New Book “the Hero Trap”

Mahytab RiyadJune 22, 202020 min
Few days left until the release of “The Hero Trap” book by the author Thomas Kolster. Thomas Kolster is a Marketing Activist and he worked in the advertising field for years. He has the belief that businesses should put people and the planet first, especially when it comes to marketing or advertising. He made it his life’s work to spread his ideas and that’s when he wrote his first book ‘Goodvertising’ (Thames & Hudson) in...

HealthMayo Mindfulness: Tips on How to be a Happier Person!

C-Town ChattererMarch 17, 202011 min
By Micah Dorfner, Regional Director, Public Affairs at Mayo Clinic Many people wait around for happiness to find them when in reality it’s sometimes only a positive thought away. Being happy can be a choice you make. There are many small techniques you can try to create a happier and more enjoyable life. What science says about happiness “Research has shown you have control over your happiness,” explains Stacy Blackburn, D.O., Mayo Clinic Health System family physician. “It...

HealthHere’s The Ultimate 4-Ingredient Recipe To Reach Your Body Goals

Hossam El MorallyJanuary 30, 202010 min
Don’t you wish to have an easy manual to maintain a healthy body weight? Well, if it was that easy, we would all be blessed with them abs, but it’s not the case, unfortunately. It takes consistency, will power -yes, so redundant-, and time to list a few! What can make things easier though, is having a clear plan and knowing what to do and what to avoid. While there are many variants when it...

HealthCarbs: Are They Your Superhero or Your Archenemy?

Hossam El MorallyJanuary 7, 20207 min
In the previous decades, fats were considered the perpetrator of bad health and weight gain, but as time passed the blame shifted towards carbs. People are obsessing so much about carbs, especially those who want to lose their weight. They take it so far to the extent of cutting carb for months, without following a proper Keto diet or doing a contest prep, and they eventually find themselves out of energy, feeling like crap, and...