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Founder & Editor in Chief Ahmed MANSOUR

He’s that guy who decided to throw it all and start from scratch! He has a lot of journalistic experience and he plans to pour it all on C-Town Chatter. He’s a Political and Business writer, but heck he can sure write about anything! He “slaps the bass” and his life’s motto is “if it’s too loud, then you’re too old!”

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Co-FounderSummer EL-MORALLY

Persistence is her middle name and she doesn’t rest until getting the job done. Having a lot of experience in everything fashion related, she’s our go-to girl when it comes to Elie Saab, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, or Alexander McQueen.


Sports Nutrition CoachHossam El Morally

A pharmacist who squeezes workouts during exam nights, and a certified Sports Nutrition Coach who will make you regret the double Big Mac that you had last night!
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Senior Writer Mohamed FOUAD

With a bright career in child protection and an interest in social transformation, Fouad's two cents are worth a lot. He also has a master's degree in Education and International Development.
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Junior Writer Salma MAHER

If you want to know how a leader looks like, then you should definitely meet Salma. A stubborn, forever-hungry creature that you can easily win over with a nice plate of quesadilla, and an interest in friends or books!
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Web MasterMaged FARID

Maged is that kind of guy who walks around with his laptop, headphones, iPad, and phone, and always ready to code something on the go! Having a conversation with him is just like trying to solve a Rubix cube ... So good luck!
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Social Media ManagerGanna Ismail

She's that kind of person that goes around the office spreading nothing but joy. She eats for eight and she can literally dance on every tune. She's a magician when it comes to social media and hard work is her middle name!
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Head of PR Menna Tariq

She's our front camera presenter, interviewer, and PR representative. She's a tough cookie, but those who know her well, know that you can win her over with a box of chocolates!
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Senior Video Editor Islam MAHMOUD

Our Final Cut guru and an artist when it comes to creating cinema-like videos from material taken with your phone!
Adham Mounir C-Town Chatter

Junior WriterAdham Mounir

He's that optimistic boy that aspires to rule the world, but doesn't seem to have the time to do it! Blood runs through the veins of most but for him, it's all about those Xs and Os on that PlayStation joystick!
Salma Khattab ctown chatter

Junior WriterSalma Khattab

Writing is her true passion. Perfectionism is her style. She always strives to achieve the highest possible target for the job. Her ultimate goal is starting her own business and she is on her way.
Yarah Ahmed ctown chatter

Junior WriterYarah Ahmed

A wise mind, a good heart, an incredible chef with a touch of never-ending existential crisis, all in one person. What could be better? Yara is a great writer who always tries to have fun with anything she does.
mahytab riyad ctown chatter

Senior Video Editor Mahytab Riyad

She is a curly head haunted by a writer’s ghost, and definitely the go-to person when it comes to skin, hair, and makeup. We bet she would be fun to watch Netflix with!
Zahra tarek ctown chatter

Junior WriterZahra Tarek

Always facing the world with humor, books, and a good cup of coffee! Zahra is the girl who has a lot to say about everything and always needs to write something down.
Karima Ragab ctown chatter

Travel WriterKarima Ragab

Tall 25-year old PR person and aspiring athlete. Happiest when traveling, amongst friends and family, or drinking a good cup of coffee while reading a great book. If I’m not doing anything from the above, I’m either planning for my next trip or entertaining myself with TV shows and movies.