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He's that guy who decided to throw it all and start from scratch! He has a lot of journalistic experience and he plans to pour it all on C-Town Chatter. He "slaps the bass" and his life's motto is "if it's too loud, then you're too old!"
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Women might go on a shopping frenzy for shoes, bags, or dresses. But when it comes to their jewelry, the items must articulate to them and make them feel their best when they adorn these jewels that simply makes perfect! That’s why Jewels to Decorate (J2D), an Egyptian jewelry brand, deserves an applaud and the attention they sure did earn! It all started back in 2011, when the brand was merely a page on social...


As I was roaming the streets of Tamgou’, looking for the perfect place to just sit down, sip on some decent coffee, and work for a little bit, I came across this place called Doppio Zero. It’s located in Riverwalk mall, which is right next to Waterway (what’s up with the water references, running out of ideas?) Doppio Zero calls itself a Pizzaria, or a pizza place, however, I do believe that they fall under...


The weddings season is almost here and I bet that all you girls are looking for that perfect dress to make that memorable night even more special! As usual, Zuhair Murad has come to your rescue. He just released his Bridal Spring 2019 collection and they’re not only what you’ve expected, but they’re also a whole lot more! Check them all our below!


I’ve always been a huge Netflix fan, however, being the bing watcher that I am, I decided that I should also subscribe to Amazon Prime. Hey, don’t judge it was only for $6 a month, plus they had The Office, which is my all time favorite show! But the question is; Will I continue my subscription with Amazon Prime, or simply just stick with Netflix, without the chilling bit! Well, in short, I think I...