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Well, we have to say that this year’s Miss Eco International was EVERYTHING! We certainly loved every single detail about the event, but above all, how all the contestants looked all glam! But you’ve got to think, with all that stuff taking place and all that stress going on, how do the contestants always manage to look top-notch? Well, the answer is simple and it is KRISS BEAUTY SALONS!  Now, who’s better than the team...


By Mariam El-Saadani Minister of Agricultural and Land Reformation Ezz El Din Abu Steit and Governor of Aswan Ahmed Ibrahim launched the workshop “Role of the Botanical Garden in the Agricultural Development and Environment in Aswan,” on Thursday as part of the environmental initiative “Tashgeer” in Aswan. General Supervisor of the botanical garden and the initiative’s coordinator Hesham al-Tayb clarified that the garden would participate in the initiative, which aims to plant 100 thousand trees...


They always say “Old is Gold” and we all just have to agree. The fact that some of the Egyptian musicians do realize that is hella refreshing and to me personally; I love it! So without further ado, let me introduce to you one of the bands that decided to bring back what’s old, polish it, and introduce it to all the music fanatics out there in Egypt. “Mondalida” is a band that was established...