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She is a curly head haunted by a writer’s ghost, and definitely the go-to person when it comes to skin, hair, and makeup. We bet she would be fun to watch Netflix with!

All you Winter lovers, REJOICE! the Egyptian Meteorological Authority just announced that the weather will be just as cold, or even colder than it is right now. Myself, as a Summer man, I really hate the fact that I’m writing this article right now! That includes Greater Cairo and all governorates.  Temperatures will start to rise from Saturday, by two to four degrees. Oh, lest not forget that the fog will be covering most of...


Few days left until the release of “The Hero Trap” book by the author Thomas Kolster. Thomas Kolster is a Marketing Activist and he worked in the advertising field for years. He has the belief that businesses should put people and the planet first, especially when it comes to marketing or advertising. He made it his life’s work to spread his ideas and that’s when he wrote his first book ‘Goodvertising’ (Thames & Hudson) in...