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Minister of Electricity, Mohammed Shaker, held a press conference today, Tuesday.  He announced the new prices for Electricity Bill Categories. He confirmed that the percentage of the new increase in electricity prices for the domestic sector will be 19.1%, while last year it was 21%. The plan to rationalize electricity subsidy began in the year 2015, and it was planned to end in July 2019 to completely liberalize the prices of subsidies, and to make...


Imagine this; having your wedding, the day of your dreams, and posting pictures of this special day, you find people out of nowhere make disgusting, hateful comments and bullying you because they don’t like how you look. This exactly what happened with Eman Ramadan, Mohammed Ramadan’s sister. She went viral on social media after facing harsh comments. A few days ago, Eman Ramadan had her wedding and once the photos were posted, they went viral....