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Egyptians will never seize on surprising us with how they can manage to create anything out of anything! Some images of Renga (herring) and Feseekh (fermented fish) cakes appeared on social media platforms in different colors and shapes, while people’s reactions over this extraordinary dessert-is differed. As how could a fermented, salted and dried fish be turned into cake?! Renga is a perennial Sham El-Nessim’s favorite. Garlic and herbs in this recipe bring out the flavor of the fish. Serve...


As I was roaming the streets of Tamgou’, looking for the perfect place to just sit down, sip on some decent coffee, and work for a little bit, I came across this place called Doppio Zero. It’s located in Riverwalk mall, which is right next to Waterway (what’s up with the water references, running out of ideas?) Doppio Zero calls itself a Pizzaria, or a pizza place, however, I do believe that they fall under...