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Moving into Saudi Arabia for some time to launch C-Town Chatter Saudi meant that we had to to keep up with our campaigns like #makethegreycitygreen, #stopthewaste#, and the one related to this article #chattereresgoinglocal. But this time, we shifted out interest into the vast and interesting Saudi market and as we wished, we found this savvy brand, Diggn’it that tailors to our dear Arab men and strives to improve the way men view beard and...


As a dude who cares about fashion (and tremendously suck at it) it’s really quite refreshing to come across a platform or a brand that would do the job for me, and most importantly, within budget! Well, I’m not talking about a styling platform or anything of that sort, I’m talking about a brand that sells an item that would totally revamp the way you look and give you that fashion statement you’ve been longing...

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It’s not really rare these days to come across an Arab fashion brand that would actually compete with the market’s giants. But what’s kind of rare is to come across the Arab brand of all Arab brands, and in this case, it has to be the Lebanese Sarah’s Bag by Sarah Beydoun! As we saw their latest post we couldn’t help but check their whole feed, with that “wow” expression all over our faces! Their...