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If you see your daughter, wife, sister, or mother scrolling over social media, then there is a very high possibility that she is on one of the womanly communities that are growing vastly on Facebook. Among these prominent communities is Rahet Bally Group, the happy place for all mommies out there created by the Egyptian mommy Nadia Gamal, and to bring merrier news, Rahet Bally is having their first mommy/child event this month, for everyone...


Feminist or not, women demand appreciation no matter what. If you take time to just appreciate us and our work, not necessarily shower us with appraisals, but we’ll definitely note that. That’s why finding out that SHECAN is back for a 3rd edition was great news for me! The annual event held by Entreprenelle is the leading women entrepreneurship event in the entire region. SHECAN will kickstart on the 8th of March at Downtown’s very...


Well, seems like only a hand full of people will get this from the title! However, for those who did, well then, kudos to you! On the 15th March of this year, the one and only Funk-Rock band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, are going to light up the pyramids of Cairo and people are literally losing their minds! With Nacelle, a leading event and entertainment management company, handling the event, rest assured it’s going to...