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In a piece of breaking news; The Libyan armed forces just announced that they have shot down two Turkish planes in the area west of Tripoli that has invaded their airspace without official consent. There have been videos that are going viral online regarding one of the planes as it falls, and here it is: فيديو | عاجل | المشاهد الأولية من إسقاط القوات المسلحة لطائرة تركية مسيرة من طراز ” بيرقدار ” كانت مذخرة...


With all the faults that social media comes with, we’d have to say that one thing that makes it essential in our lives is that through it one can get a lot of inspiration on how to be a better person and a better role model for those around us! For me personally, I do have this one person that always makes me feel like there’s a lot in this world that we can do...

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It’s not really rare these days to come across an Arab fashion brand that would actually compete with the market’s giants. But what’s kind of rare is to come across the Arab brand of all Arab brands, and in this case, it has to be the Lebanese Sarah’s Bag by Sarah Beydoun! As we saw their latest post we couldn’t help but check their whole feed, with that “wow” expression all over our faces! Their...

Clown me in tour 2018 North Lebanon
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On a typical day in Beruti, the streets are crammed with a suffocating traffic crisis, with the sounds of the car horns and pedestrians running down the sidewalks to reach their destinations. Each citizen has his story, his concerns, and his own routine. But Lebanon is always ready to break the jar of routine, and this time the jar is not broken by political news or the waste crisis they’ve been facing for quite some...