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If all the mommies of the world gathered around and spoke about their biggest daily struggle, hands down, it would be food time! Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner time, the pressure is real! From choosing food that all the family members enjoy, to adding the daily nutrients your kids need at the same time. So to end this struggle, and for every mom’s sake, we found this particular brand that is tailored for kids...


If you see your daughter, wife, sister, or mother scrolling over social media, then there is a very high possibility that she is on one of the womanly communities that are growing vastly on Facebook. Among these prominent communities is Rahet Bally Group, the happy place for all mommies out there created by the Egyptian mommy Nadia Gamal, and to bring merrier news, Rahet Bally is having their first mommy/child event this month, for everyone...