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Most people come to Google Search either out of curiosity or necessity. The Year in Search list is a great resource for anyone trying to understand what were the events, people, things, and questions that were on top of people’s minds over the past 12 months. Millions of Arabic speakers asked Search this year about a wide range of things. For us, it’s imperative that Google Search truly understands what you’re looking for, because a...


On Friday, the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques announced the approval of the plan to open the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, starting from next Sunday. The Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques, via their Twitter account, said that “based on the kind approval, the General President approves the agency’s plan to gradually open the Prophet’s Mosque in light of the precautionary measures as of Sunday.” بناءً على الموافقة الكريمة، الرئيس العام يعتمد خطة الوكالة...

Jalal Ashi
Jalal Ashi
Jalal Ashi

It’s really quite hard to be able to get that dream home you’ve always wanted to get and we say that because if you were ever in that situation, you’d know what we mean! It all comes down to a lot of factors, but the most hectic of them are the finances and finding that perfect person to handle the whole project! But fret no more, because we certainly have found the Engineer that can...